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Bezoek Seatme profile van Ristorante Sicilia

Pesce (fish dishes)

Calamaretti fritti   18,50
Fried squid, served with two sauces      
Sogliolette Meditarraneo   19,50
Two baby sole fillets, served with two sauces      
Sogliole alla mugnaia   21,50
Sole fillets in garlic-cream sauce      
Sogliole alla gorgonzola   23,50
Sole fillets in gorgonzola sauce      
Sogliole al salmone   24,50
Sole fillets with salmon in cream sauce      
Salmone in griglia   20,80
Grilled salmon, served with two sauces      
Salmone alla Siciliana   22,00
Salmon with capers and peppers in tomato-herb sauce      
Salmone dello chef   25,50
Salmon with shrimps, oyster mushrooms and garlic       
in Grand Marnier-cream sauce      
Pesce spada in griglia   18,50
Grilled swordfish fillets, served with two sauces      
Pesce spada alla Messinese   20,50
Sauted swordfish fillets in tomato garlic-cream sauce      
Scampi ai ferri   24,75
Six grilled prawns, served with two sauces      
Scampi al forno   26,50
Six prawns from the oven in garlic-cream sauce      
Scampi alla Siciliana   26,75
Six prawns with garlic in spicy Sicilian sauce      
Scampi romagnoli   26,75
Six prawns with leek and mushrooms in liquor-cream sauce      
Scampi del marinaio   27,75
Six prawns with shrimps, artichoke and leek in liquor-cream sauce      
Scampi del buon gustaio   30,50
Six prawns with crab and caviar in tomato-cream sauce      
Scampi alla Messinese   30,50
Six prawns with red caviar in champagne sauce      
Arragosta    daily
Fresh lobster       
Fritto misto   24,75
Various fried fish, served with two sauces      
Misto di pesce (min. two persons)   55,75
Sicilian style fishplater from the grill with baby sole, langoust,      
prawns, sardines, squid and sword fish, served with three sauces