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Bezoek Seatme profile van Ristorante Sicilia

Carne(meat dishes)

Scaloppina alla Casalinga   19,75    
Pork fillet with ham in mushroom-cream sauce          
Involtini alla Romana   21,25    
Pork fillet filled with ham and cheese in garlic-cream sauce          
Filleto del Maestro   21,50    
Pork fillet with ham and cheese in mushroom-cream sauce          
Filetto del padrone   22,50    
Pork fillet with leek and mushrooms in sweet-sour sauce          
Agnello Siciliano   22,75    
Lambs fillet with capers, leek and mushrooms in Sicilian tomato sauce        
Agnello alla Marsala   23,75    
Lambs fillet with mushrooms in Marsala sauce          
Involtini della Nonna   21,50    
Veal escalope filled with ham and cheese in mushroom-Cognac sauce          
Salto in bocca alla romana originale   23,50    
Three veal escalopes with Parmaham in sage-white wine sauce          
Bracioli Casertani   23,75    
Veal escalope filled with ham, Parmaham and cheese          
in mushroom tomato-cream sauce          
Involtini al'Inglese   21,75    
Veal escalope filled with ham, cheese and onion in pepper-cream sauce        
Ossobucco del Maestro   22,50    
Vealknuckle in garlic-white wine sauce          
Filetto in Griglia   21,75    
Grilled fillet of beef, served with two sauces          
Filetto al Pepe   23,25    
Fillet of beef in pepper-cream sauce          
Filetto Messinese   24,50    
Fillet of beef with mushrooms, onion, peas and           
peppers in tomato-cream sauce with liquer          
Filetto Capricciosa   23,75    
Fillet of beef with ham, artichoke and mushrooms in cream sauce          
Filetto con Gorgonzola   24,50    
Fillet of beef filled with gorgonzola and onionrings in gorgonzola sauce          
Filetto Adriano   25,50    
Fillet of beef with ginger and mushrooms in ketjap sauce          
Filetto Giacomo   25,75    
Fillet of beef with mushroom and peppers in wodka-cream sauce          
Misto di Carne (min. two persons)   54,75    
Combination of five various meat fillets served with different sauces