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Bezoek Seatme profile van Ristorante Sicilia

Risotti (rice dishes)

Alla funghi   13,50
With mushrooms and various vegetables      
Alla marinara   15,50
With various fish, vegetables and garlic in tomato sauce      
Agli scampi   25,75
With prawns in garlic-leek sauce      
Alla paesana   14,25
With various meat and vegetables      

Pasta al forno* (pasta from the oven)

Lasagna Vegetaria   11,00
Layers of pasta with vegetables, tomato- and bechamel sauce      
Lasagna al salmone   12,50
Layers of pasta with salmon, leek and bechamel sauce      
Lasagna   11,00
Layers of pasta with ham, minced meat, tomato- and bechamel sauce      
Canneloni   11,50
Large macaroni filled with seasoned minced meat and bolognese sauce    
Maccheroni al forno   11,50
Macaroni in bolognese sauce with ham, egg, cheese, onion and peas      
Pasticcio   11,75
Various pasta from the oven:      
Canneloni, lasagna, spaghetti and tortellini      

Paste* (pasta's)


(macaroni, spaghetti or tagliatelle)

All'arrabbiata   9,50
With onion, peppers in spicy tomato sauce      
Aglio, olio e peperoncino   9,50
With garlic, oil and Sicilian pepper      
Al pesto   10,50
With basil, pine-nuts and olive oil      
Boscaiola   10,75
With leek, mushrooms, onion and peppers in tomato-cream sauce      
Al tonno   9,00
With tuna and onion in tomato sauce      
Alla Siciliana   9,25
With tuna, capers, olives and onion in spicy tomato sauce      
Al salmone   12,00
With salmon and pine-nuts in cream sauce      
Alla vongole   14,50
Clams in special white wine sauce      
Portofino   14,50
With salmon, shrimps, leek and oyster mushroom in special cream sauce    
Alla marinara   10,50
With various fish and vegetables in tomato-garlic sauce      
Alla scoglio   16,50
Various fish from the oven with Sicilian herbs in wine sauce      
Alla matriciana   8,50
With bacon and garlic in tomato sauce      
Alla gamba rotta   9,25
With ham, onion and peas in light tomato-cream sauce      
Alla carbonara   9,75
With bacon, egg, onion and parmesan      
Alla campagnola   11,50
With meat tips, leek, mushrooms, onions and peppers       
in tomato-cream sauce      
Ravioli Siciliana   13,50
Home made pasta filled with ricotta, served with rucola      
in spicy tomato-garlic sauce      
Ravioli all'arragosta   15,50
Home made pasta filled with lobster in lobster-cream sauce      
Ravioli alla ricotta   12,00
Home made pasta filled with ricotta in spicy bolognese sauce      
Gnocchi mediterraneo   12,50
Home made gnocchi Mediterrane style      
Tortellini alla panna   11,75
Filled pasta with ham and onion in cream sauce      
Poker di pasta (min. two persons)   29,75
Five kinds of pasta