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Bezoek Seatme profile van Ristorante Sicilia

Antipasti freddi (cold starters)

Carpaccio di Tonno   16,75      
Thin Sliced Tunafish with capers            
Carpaccio di Pesce spada   16,75      
Thin sliced Swordfish with pistache            
Vitello Tonnato   16,75      
Thin sliced Veal with dressing of tunafish            
Bresaola   15,75      
Dried Italian beef served with Parmesan,            
olive oil and lemon            

Antipasti caldi (warm Starters)

Carciofini al forno   13,75      
Gratinated  Artisjokes with cheese from the oven.            
Cozze gratinati   13,75      
Gratinated mussels with cheese and garlic             
out of the oven            
Granchio al forno   17,75      
Gratinated king crablegs with cheese and garlic             
out of the oven            
Ostriche al forno   16,75      
Six Oysters with a sabayon of Prosecco             
out of the oven            
Conchiglie alla romana   14,25      
Scallops with garlic in light tomato-cream sauce            

Paste (pasta's)

Linguini alla Norma   15,75      
Linquini served with eggplant and ricotta cheese            
and fresh tomatoes (light spicy)            
Gnocchi Mediterraneo   13,75      
Home made gnocchi Mediterrane style            
Spaghetti Alla Vongole   15,50      
Clams in special white wine sauce            
Spaghetti Alla Scoglio   17,75      
Seafood  with Sicilian herbs, fresh tomatoes             
from the oven            
Rettangoloni neri ai Crostacei   17,50      
Filled pasta with crustacean served with leek             
Norwegian shrimps and grand marnier sauce             
Rettangoloni alla Naturale   15,75      
Filled pasta with ham and figs served with             
olive oil and parmesan cheese            
Rettangoloni Primavera   16,75      
Filled pasta with ham and figs served with             
Gorgonzola sauce, fresh apple and walnuts            
Rettangoloni Piedmontese   17,50      
Filled pasta with truffle and truffle cream sauce            
Linguini Tipici   15,75      
Linquinni with Sicilian sausage, fennel and basil            
and fresh tomatoes (light spicy)            

Pesce (Fish)

Tonno alla Siciliana   24,50      
Tuna with cappers,unions, oregano and fresh            
 tomatoes (little spicy)            
Branzino al sale    27,75      
Seabass out of the oven served in a sea salt crust          
Dorade al sale    27,75      
Dorade out of the oven served in a sea salt crust            
Scampi Isolana   29,75      
Six big scampi's out of the oven with garlic and Sicilian         
herbs, olive oil and fresh tomatoes (little spicy)            
Arragosta al Forno  from 39,75      
Lobster out of the oven            
Arragosta alla Champagne from 44,75      
Lobster served with a champagne sauce            

Carne(Meat dishes)

Ossobucco d'agnello   23,75      
Shank of lamb Sicilian style            
Carre d'agnello    26,75      
Lambsrack out of the oven with Sicilian herbsauce          
Bistecca Siciliana   23,75      
Entrecôte with ham, mushrooms,olives, peper, union          
in spicy tomato cream sauce            
Tagliata di Manzo   25,75      
Grilled Beef with Parmesan and rocket salad            
Filetto al Tartufo   28,75      
Tenderlion with wild mushrooms and truffle sauce