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Bezoek Seatme profile van Ristorante Sicilia

Antipasti freddi (cold starters)

Carciofini Primavera   8,50    
Little artichokes with pesto sauce          
Insalata Fantasia   4,75    
Mixed salad          
Insalata Caprese   8,75    
Mozzarella with tomato, olive oil and oregano           
Insalata Portofino   8,75    
Mixed salad with tuna and onions          
Insalata di Mare   13,75    
Salad with marinated mussels, little shrimps,           
shellfish and squid          
Ostriche   14,50    
Six oysters with olive oil and lemon          
Coccotello di Gambaretti   11,50    
Shrimpscocktail (norwegian) with cocktailsaus          
Coccotello di Gambaretti Ollandese   14,75    
Dutch shrimpscocktail with cocktail sauce          
Coccotello di Granchio   14,75    
Crabcocktail with cocktail sauce          
Carpaccio di Salmone   16,50    
Thin sliced smoked salmon, served with pesto sauce          
Antipasto Italiano   11,50    
Various Italian ham and sausages          
Antipasto Siciliano   13,75    
Various Italian ham, sausages and spicy marinated vegatables          
Proscuitto di Parma e melone   13,75    
Italian parmaham with melon          
Carpaccio   16,50    
Thin sliced fillet of beef with parmesan, served with two sauces           

Antipasti caldi (warm starters)

Funghi Trifolati   9,75    
Mushrooms speciality          
Funghi Giganti   13,25    
Sauted oyster mushrooms with shrimps and leek in liqueur-cream sauce        
Scampi ai ferri   17,25    
Four grilled little prawns, served with two sauces          
Calamaretti   13,25    
Fried squid, served with two sauces          
Lumache   11,75    
Roman snails in garlicbutter          
Ranocchi in Salsa   17,25    
Froglegs in garlic-cream sauce          
Ranocchi alla Diavola   17,75    
Froglegs with garlic in spicy tomato-cream sauce           
Punti di filetto dello chef   14,75    
Sauted fillet of beef tips in ketjap-cream sauce